One night, when my son was about two months old, I was nursing him in my rocking chair for what had been about an hour. As I was sitting there, I had my phone in my hand, most likely scrolling through Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook, and I had this thought,  “Thank God for smart phones… I can’t imagine what moms used to do without them.”

Immediately following the thought, I felt kind of sad. Sad because I was instantly able to think of all of the things that moms probably used to do while rocking their little ones to sleep.

Flock and flowers

Don’t get me wrong, I do think that smartphones are great. I love being able to read my bible in the wee hours of the night, I love being able to stay connected with friends, and I love having something to do so that I don’t fall asleep. But, at the same time, I do feel like my phone can and has become something that I rely on and go to way too much.

So instead of always just grabbing our phones, I suggest we try a few other things first.

Here are a three things I was able to think of:


Stare for hours. Learn every curve and dimple and eyelash. Every smile, every breath, and every heartbeat. Stare at the lines in their little hands and their tiny little ears.


Dream about the future. Imagine our babies healthy and strong. Living a life full of love and comfort. Imagine them laughing, praising Jesus, playing sports, or even succeeding in school. I truly believe that imagining a beautiful future plays a big part in creating one. 


Pray for EVERYTHING. I’m praying that Ransom would be strong and brave. That he would be kind and compassionate. That he would have courage like his father and a heart like his grandpa’s. That he would be able to see the good in others. That he would be intelligent. That he will excel in school, that he would be a leader, not a follower, and that he would love Jesus and want to serve Him his whole life. I pray that he stays healthy and that he will live a long and prosperous life. I pray that angels would keep charge over him wherever he goes. I also pray for his future wife, his future children, and his future life. I know some of these are so far away, but I also know that they are being heard, and that makes them worth praying. As you mamas know, there are countless hours that we can fill with whispered prayers.

A couple of weeks ago my sweet friend Allison shared a quote that I fell in love with and felt challenged by.

“Documenting the present, before it has fully passed on, is like handing your heart a yellow post-it that reads: REMEMBER THIS, mama.” @thegraygang

If I can challenge any of my mama friends today, it would be to put our phones down. Let’s not get so used to staring at these little tiny gadgets that we forget to stare at our little tiny people.

Let’s remember these moments mamas! As we all know, they grow up fast. So, so fast.

Happy Tuesday, y’all!


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