In the last few weeks, I’ve been going through our storage and getting rid of a ton of stuff. I have boxes upon boxes in my parent’s garage that are full of shoes, purses, papers, and junk that I haven’t touched in over a year – time to toss (I LOVE to get rid of things – it feels SO. GOOD)!

While going through one of the boxes, I did find a treasure that I thought I had lost and I nearly cried when I saw it. I also knew that it was something that I needed to share.

When I was at the Dream Center, it was a time in my life when my prayers and faith were strong. Maybe it’s because I was so “new” and so full of excitement with this newfound love that it gave me a beautiful confidence to ask for more.

One day, I was speaking with one of my Resident Advisors, who showed me this “single woman’s prayer” that she would read. I’d never thought of writing my own prayer to pray – I usually just prayed what was on my heart and mind, but I loved the words I read and it inspired me to write my own. I used her prayer as a guide, adding in my own words and wants, as well as some other pieces of prayers I had read in the book Captivating, and created my own. I wrote it on this beautiful blue paisley trim cardstock and read it… Every. Single. Day.

For years, this is what I prayed:

Dear Jesus,

I love you. I need you. I come before you now as yours, asking for your help and your grace. My life is yours. My heart is yours.

Please help me to become a woman of true beauty who at the depths of my soul is at rest. Let me exude a sense of calmness and invite those around me to rest as well. Help me to humble, loving, compassionate, and to treat everyone around me with dignity. Help me let my defenses down, to set aside my normal means of survival and just let my heart show up. Help me offer the grace to be and the room to become.

Please make me into a woman of blessing for the man that you have for me. Help me to help him and not hinder him. Continue to complete the work that you have begun in me that I might be a good thing in his life.

Let my touch always be healing, my words always inspiring, and my love always intoxicating. Teach my hands to work diligently and eagerly. Give me a giving heart and let my lips always be ruled by wisdom, discretion, and prudence. Touch my spirit and make me sensitive to the needs of him that you place in my life. Have him love me second to you and while I am waiting, help me to be a woman of honor for you – a reflection of your splendor and your grace.

Help me walk in the liberty of being a woman by your design – to know that You find me beautiful, worthy, and enough. Please help me to remain pure and to remember at all times that I was created for your pleasure, your glory, and your love. And to believe that there is nothing left to fear.

I love You, I praise You, and I thank You with all that I am.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Looking back on this prayer, I’m in awe of how God honored my requests and answered every supplication.  I also encouraged myself to re-write this prayer as a no longer single woman, and continue to pray these beautiful words over my life – with that same confidence to ask for more.

And I encourage you to do the same – single, married, somewhere in between. Find time to sit down and write it out. You can copy and past this exact prayer, or you can use it as a guide and create your own. Either way, just do it. Your future self will be so thankful you did.

Happy Tuesday, y’all!


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